Custom Designs: How to

Custom Designs – Learn how to create your custom clothing design by following these steps:

Total Time: 5 minutes

Provide some custom meme text you would like to see on your item(s)
or a high quality image that you have the rights to use:

– For images, you MUST have the rights to use the image. It cannot be a copyrighted or trademarked image
– Images must be at least 3600 px x 3600 px (recommended image sizes are listed in the product description of each item)
– For text, our default is the Anton Google font. This is commonly used in memes and is featured in our logo.
– If you would like to use a different font that is royalty free for commercial use (such as a Google font), please provide the exact typeface.

Let us know what item you would like your custom meme design or text to be printed on:

Please provide the full product title or SKU so that we can locate the item you want.

Tell us where you would like your custom meme design to go:

– Front only
– Back only
– Front and back
– Position eg. top-right, top-left, middle etc.

Email your custom meme design request to us:

– Please send all of this to [email protected] and we will respond with an example image of your design and pricing.
* Please note that pricing varies on the type of item printed on and the number of images or text placements used eg. single-sided or front and back prints.