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4 June 2021

The first entry of a new blog is always the most awkward one. Sort of like a first date. Or even a blind date. You don’t really know them, they don’t know you. How do you break the ice? What do you say? Do you just introduce yourself? Breakdown your resume? Tell them your sign?

Well, lets go ahead and lean in to that awkward stage. You can call me Glenny. I’m in my mid-30’s, and I’m a Taurus.

I grew up in Southern California. Growing up, there was this old piece of shit building around the corner from my house. I didn’t pay it much attention, just regarded it as another eyesore when we would pass by it in the car or on my bicycle. And developers were already targeting the property, wanting to tear down the structure and build four or five houses on the lot. In the 1980’s, they even built track housing all around the property and included a cul-de-sac that ran against the property in anticipation that it would eventually become houses.

When I was 15, my parents decided to buy this dumpster of a building. Why? My mother was/is a big nut for local history, and the building was one of the first bars/restaurants built in the region. So the developers didn’t get their four or five houses, and suddenly my family was running a local bar.

By the time I turned 19, I had worked as a barback, server, line cook, and bouncer. By the time I was legally allowed to bartend in California (21), I had already been bartending for a year or two.

After going to a community college for three years, I transferred to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas when I was 21. I spent three years going to school in Vegas, earning my Bachelors Degree in Theatre. During my time there, I worked at the family business here and there. I unfortunately had very little bartending experience in Vegas (the little I did have was at local bars). But I still feel like I learned a lot.

Returning to California when I was 24, I immediately stepped into being the lead bartender and unofficial manager of my family’s bar. At first, the plan was to give them a year of work before I went on my own to pursue my acting career (Yeah, cringe). I ended up sticking it out way past that, for better or for worse. There was a time we thought the place was going under. But after a number of strategic hires and renovations, we eventually came out profitable.

After almost 20 years of working in this industry, I can definitely describe it as a love-hate relationship. Now, I have taken up the role of being an owner/manager, stepping away from slinging booze behind the pine. Although I no longer bartend on a usual basis, I still bartend private events and occasionally cover shifts at my family’s bar. Either way, I still deal with customers on a daily basis and continue to completely empathize with the struggles that my bartenders and servers endure on a daily basis.

So I welcome you to the blog, where these kind folks have allowed me to spill my guts and vent out my frustrations. I hope my rants are relatable to all of you out there working in the industry, and I hope I can bring some sort of catharsis to you all.

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